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If you have a bachelors degree and are interested in teacher certification, you can pursue this online teacher preparation program. If you do not yet hold a bachelors degree, you can learn more about our online bachelors degree option for teacher preparation here

Unlike a traditional 100% online degree program, this is a limited residency program that requires you to attend orientation in Prescott, Arizona. It is also a hybrid program - meaning you will be working in your community and with mentors as well as online. Courses are taken online or as mentored-study with mentors who are typically working teachers or school administrators from your home communities. Core Faculty members provide support, oversight, evaluation, and approval through each stage of your program.

Prescott College offers students the opportunity to earn the Arizona Teaching Intern Certificate. The Arizona Teaching Intern Certificate enables individuals with a bachelor's degree or higher to teach full-time while completing the requirements for an Arizona provisional teaching certificate. This certificate will enable you to enter into a teaching contract with a school district while completing training at Prescott College so you can receive full teaching salary and benefits while earning your degree. 

This program is online, allowing you to earn your teaching intern certificate at a distance so that you don't have to uproot your life in order to start your new career as a teacher. We even offer a special scholarship to make earning the certificate more affordable. You can also choose to work toward post-bachelors certification, or toward a Master of Education degree with certification in Elementary or Secondary Education at Prescott College.

Learn more about this alternative path to certification.

Arizona Teaching Intern Certificate Requirements from the Arizona Department of Education

Graduates have a 94% pass rate for the Arizona Educator Proficiency Exam.

Arizona residents
The Endorsement programs, Arizona Teaching Intern Certificate, Teacher Preparation and Educational Leadership graduate programs: meet the requirements of licensure for the state of Arizona.

Out-of-State residents

To ensure that our graduates are equipped to help students learn, all certification programs offered by Prescott College are evaluated by the Arizona Department of Education, and approved by the Arizona State Board of Education. Teacher licensure requirements vary depending on state laws and may include a number of factors, such as:

  • completion of a bachelor's degree program
  • submission of transcripts
  • completion and clearance of a background check
  • passing of required entrance exams and basic skills tests

Click here to see a list of teacher licensure requirements in your state. As requirements are subject to change at any time, please refer to the licensure contact listed under each state.


  • The skills and ability to develop lesson plans that have clear objectives, include assessment of how students will master stated objectives, incorporate higher order thinking skills, and are aligned to state and/or national standards
  • Knowledge of and experience with strategies to address the needs of diverse learners (English language learners, special needs and gifted students, students with varying readiness skills and interest levels)
  • Skills for articulating lesson objectives for students and checking for understanding at the completion of the lesson
  • Knowledge of incorporating valid and reliable assessment tools (including the use of rubrics) and evaluation procedures, incorporating formal and informal assessments within the classroom setting, and knowledge of incorporating valid assessment
  • The skills and ability to create a positive and productive environment, incorporating strategies that will ensure classroom effectiveness and that reinforce an atmosphere of respect for differences and commonalities within the classroom community


  • Teacher
  • School Administration
  • Camp Director
  • Youth Outreach Program Director
  • Non-profit Work



  • Autobiographical essay
  • Completed Application
  • Current resume
  • Official transcripts
  • Personal statement